sorry for the logn subjet :)

I'm using Zope 2.7.5-final, python 2.3.5, linux2, and I'm just strating
to code my first products.

Here's my problem: I want to make a product that watchs instances from
other products.

for instance, let's say I have a product yy, with its add_yy_Form,
manage_add_yy and class yy definitions, such that instances of yy just
display memorised a string.

now I want to build product xx such that when I create an instance of
xx, I can tell it, throug the form provided by add_xx_form, which
instance of yy I want it to watch at. (let's say for instance I want
instance form yy to display the reverse of the chosen instance from xx)

so I need add_yy_form to provide the end user with some kind of select
from instances at hand (in current page, or in current page plus
subpages would be nicer) and then I need the manage_add_yy to process
that and be able to find the reference of the selected zope object.

I thought of one solution : to provide a select with the url of the objects.

So here come the questions :
 - is that ok, or is there a better way ?
 - is 'absolute_url()' the simplest way to find the urls for add_yy_form
 - if I manage to find a reference back from the url in manage_add_yy,
   what will happend if someone moves the object around, using
   copy/cut/paste for instance ? will what I think of as a reference
   still be pointing to the correct item ?

(Note that my solution must not be specific to instances of xx : yy
shall be able to watch instances from any kind of product)

(sorry for such a simple question with such a long introduction... )

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