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> Well the question is, should Zope be using all that memory?  how big
> is the site, what are you doing, how big are your caches etc?  Our
> zope processes normally run about 500 - 750MB so maybe you just don't
> have enough memory.

Our site isn't especially large or complex ( We 
do use the re-library and PIL rather extensively, but nothing the machine 
can't handle.

> But odd that no swap is being used in your case.  I would check your 
> per-process memory limits maybe they need to be higher.  Our 'zope' 
> account is in login class 'daemon' which has higher default memory 
> limits than 'standard'.  And even then we bumped the limits up even
> higher. 

I'd like to try and set up Zope in another login-class. It seems correct, 
as there are soft limits on memory usage in the default class. How would I 
go about this? Do you use a custom zopectl or run it straight off inetd? 
I'm not too experienced in OpenBSD-specifics yet, so any advise is 


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