Ah, I see what you're after, something akin to an SQL sequence, right?
Well, Iterator ain't that ;-)

Hi Chris

I guess something like that but that is what an iterator does. ZTUtils just doesn't provide a method to get the values out of it (which it could if the methods were available).

What's so horrible about just putting these tabindexes in by hand?

Your code would certainly execture faster...

Well, by hand is not the solution either. It is not as simple as that since I am using portlets in CMF and there are forms in portlets too. You can't just number them like 1,2,3 etc because you end up with conflicts in tabindex values when your templates are rendered. This is the second problem I am trying to solve because ZTUtils allow you to pass into it whatever sequence you want. You could give it a different sequence to start with so when it iterates using its own sequence, results keeps the tabindex from conflicting. This is more of a case of looking at an existing tool to perform this so you can retrieve from your ZPT (that doesn't require you to write one with all the security bypasses to make it work). It appears ZTUtils is the tool that could do this. I mean it is an object, it iterates, it iterates on values you pass it , it knows its current state and the security has been bypassed to let you call it in a ZPT, it just doesn't provide a method to obtain its values directly.

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