Itai Tavor wrote at 2005-7-25 20:21 +1000:
>This is a bit OT but this list is the best place I know to ask it :)
>I have a form which uses UTF-8, the text entered in the form then has  
>to be converted to iso-2022-jp. If any character is entered that  
>isn't valid for iso-2022-jp I get:
>UnicodeError: ISO-2022-JP encoding error: invalid character \u2013
>What I need to do is display the offending character in the error  

I what encoding?

Obviously, you cannot use "ISO-2022-JP".
If you can handle "UTF-8", then use "unicode('\u2013').encode('utf-8')".

You can also use the "xmlcharref" error parameter for your
"encode(iso-2022-hp)". In this case, your character would 
become an XML character reference. They have the form
"–". Browsers usually are able to display them.

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