Tim Peters wrote:
[Sune B. Woeller]

I will try to recreate the problem on other
flavours of windows asap. I will get back to you

Cool!  If you can, posting a self-contained program that demonstrates
the problem is the best way to make progress.

I guess my reporting was a bit too quick, sorry:

Not at all -- you did excellent detective work here!  It's
appreciated.  The problem is that English descriptions are nearly
always ambiguous, especially when trying to explain something
complicated that other people haven't reported.  Posting a program
removes all that guesswork:  it reproduces the problem for other
people on other boxes, or it doesn't, and we learn something valuable
either way; if it does fail for others, then they can help investigate
_why_ it fails.  At the start, thoroughly demonstrating a problem
exists is more important than guessing at what might be needed to worm
around it.

I'm running python 2.3.5, (installed from windows binary).
Zope 2.7.7 (not necessary for the test scripts)
Windows XP Home SP2 (blush - my laptop came with that... ;) )

Good -- thanks.  A pretty vanilla system, then.  I've heard that XP
Home has "special" limitations on network capabilities, but don't know
more than that; it's at least possible they're relevant.  I'm not sure
that running multiple Zope instances on a laptop is a prime use case
for Zope <wink>.

I consider it very usefull, and I can see nothing that should cause problems with that (well, except from the problem mentioned i this thread). Of course, I do not use the laptop as server - but for development purposes. I have around 10-15 instances for varoius projects, quite often with 2 or 3 instances running at the same time.

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