--- Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> έγραψε:

> [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote at 2005-7-29
> 12:48 +0100:
> >Using relative paths doesn't seem to work as i
> >thought.
> >For example :
> >I have a Plone site "Plone"
> >Under that i have a folder object named "Sales"
> >In Sales i have a Page Template object named
> >"SalesPage".
> >I also put an "index_html" file object inside Sales
> >Folder.
> >I thought that the href inside index_html linking
> to
> >SalesPage to the same folder would be
> "./SalesPage".
> >This works fine from inside the ZMI witch gives me
> >"http://localhost:8080/Plone/Sales/SalesPage";.
> >The problem is when i try to see the page from
> outside
> >ZMI witch gives me "http://localhost/SalesPage";.
> When Zope internally modifies the URL (to something
> different
> than what is know by the browser), it must tell the
> browser
> about this -- using the so called HTML "base" tag.
> Zope can set the "base" tag automatically provided
> the generated page contains a "head" tag without a
> "base" tag.
> If your page meats this requirements and you do not
> see
> the generated "base" tag (tell you browser to show
> you the
> HTML source and look out for the "base" tag) or the
> "base" tag has the wrong value (it should end in
> "sales/"),
> then you hit a bug (such bugs have been occationally
> introduced
> in the past).
> -- 
> Dieter

Thank you very much Dieter,
that was a lot of help for a novice like me. I did not
have a <head> in my page. After i did add it, Zope
automaticaly added the <base> tag and everything is
the way i expected to be...

Thanks again,


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