On Wednesday 03 August 2005 22:06, Thomas Adams wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm a newbie to Zope, using version 2.7.3 (okay it is not the newest one)
> and I want to know if there is something
> like a MVC approach available for Zope, i.e. Model-View-Controller
> approach, as it is for instance in Java with  the Struts framework from
> Apache.

Sure its possible to implement MVC in Zope2 (we did it for our product), 
especially if youre not afraid of Python Products, though theres no special 
support for this in Zope 2.7

You really should be looking at Zope3 or Zope2 + Five (which is part of 
Zope2.8) for this though. See the Zope3 Developers Book, eg. 

 - peter.

> To be more specific:
> - The Model consists of several python classes implementing business logic
> (the pendant to Enterprise Java Beans or simple Java Beans)
> - The Views producing  the visual appearance of the business objects
>   (in java or more specific in Struts these are the custom tag libraries)
> - The Controller, as a kind of glue between the two above, is
> controlling the work/process-flow
>   (in java with servlets and in struts with actions classes (as a minimum)
> )
> To transfer this appraoch to Zope, I'm not sure:
> Views:
> DTML-Document and/or DTML-Methods?
> Controller:
> PythonScripts?
> Models:
> I'm absolutely not sure, Pluggable brains? (the Zope book has a example
> but only as a handling of resultsets)
> So if has anybody a hint if there are some resources
> in the web, please post it.
> P.S: I don't know Zope 3 (Is that apossible answer of my questions?)
> Thasnks in advance
> Regards
> Thomas Adams
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