Thomas Adams wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm a newbie to Zope, using version 2.7.3 (okay it is not the newest one)
> and I want to know if there is something
> like a MVC approach available for Zope, i.e. Model-View-Controller
> approach, as it is for instance in Java with  the Struts framework from
> Apache.
(snip description of MVC à la Struts)

> To transfer this appraoch to Zope, I'm not sure:
> Views:
> DTML-Document and/or DTML-Methods?

Nope, use ZopePageTemplates instead. DTML is useful for non-html
templating (css, Javascript, SQL etc), but it's an horror when it comes
to html IMHO.

> Controller:
> PythonScripts?

You could get away with Python scripts, but Zope product(s) might be
your best bet. Note that a single Zope Product can be composed of
multiple classes, external methods, templates etc...

> Models:
> I'm absolutely not sure, Pluggable brains? 

Why ? This goes into the product too. Understand that a Zope product is
not restricted to a single class, and that not all classes in a Zope
product needs to be persistant or whatsoever.

My 2 cents
Bruno Desthuilliers
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