Marc Schnapp wrote:
I thought that I would back up my data.fs by copyting the entire Linux
/var directory to a Windows machine with spare disk space and then
creating a ZIP file on the Windows machine.

There was a problem on the Linux machine, so I figured there'd be no
problem by simply copying the data.fs (via a Samba share) back from
Windows -> Linux.

It seems that when Zope starts back up, it keeps attempting to deal with
the "alien" database and then shuts down.

The Same Database File Works Perfectly With A Windows Plone/Zope
I installed a Windows version of Plone (with Zope of course) and that
same data.fs file works just fine in the Windows environment.

1) Am I without hope of ever running the database under Linux again?
2) What is the reason that the database goes from Linux -> Windows OK
but not in the other direction?
   Is there a technique I can use to tweak the database file or recover
it so that it is Linux-friendly?

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we did this (albeit with late 2.6 / early 2.7 versions) often and had no problems. If you are using a cmf based product (like plone) you must check if the skin path stored in the portal skins are still ok. In "my time" they where stored as an absolute path wit C:\.... and /home/zope.. on windows/linux which had to be fixed (there is a script on zope labs which can do that for you). But maybe this is not necessary anymore.

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