Thanks for the help here. Yes I do want to capture extra information about a user who is registering with a site. First name, last name and company, phone number etc. And then to be able to to display this in a membership display tool. Just about to check out CMFMember. Hope it works ok on 2.05.

On 8/11/05, Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
michael nt milne wrote at 2005-8-11 10:01 -0400:
>It doesn't to be a relational db to be able to easily add fields

There are no tables to add fields to.

As someone else already pointed out:

  Zope objects often use so called properties
  as "field" emulation.

  Unlike for a relational database where you
  specify the fields of a table (and all rows inherit these fields),
  properties are on individual objects (which are somehow like rows).

  Zope has a feature where you can define properties not
  for individual objects but for whole collections of them:
  "ZClass"es. Adding properties to a property sheet of
  a ZClass ensures that all instances of the class have
  these properties (with the default value defined by the class).


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