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Brian Sullivan wrote:
>>>>From what I can determine Zope does or should run on Solaris on a Sun
>>>server. Is that assumption correct.
>>>Can anybody point to any resources or have any comments/opinions--
>>>like what versions of Zope/Solaris seem to be compatible, any special
>>Except for the fact that it will seem dog slow, Zope runs fine on
>>Solaris.  The major issue seems to be that the threading model in the
>>Solaris libc is especially punitive for long-running, multi-threaded
>>Python applications.
> Dog slow as compared to what?

As compared to commodity server-class Linux/Intel hardware (which will
cost you around 1/4 to 1/3 what the "equivalent" Solaris rig does).

> I would prefer to do the absolute
> minimum in terms of tuning. Most of my experience with Zope and
> otherwise is with Windows. Can I potentially get by just installing
> and running? How would it run that way on a current Solaris server
> with appropriate memory compared to say running on a P4 3meg Win2003
> machine with appropriate memory.

Let's put it this way:  even if you get paid in cheese sandwiches, it
will be cheaper to buy a 1U lintel box to run the server than the time
you spend trying to figure out why it is so slow on Solaris, let alone
the time you spend trying to remediate it.  Unless somebody has a gun to
your head, you should not run Zope on Solaris in *any*
performance-critical environment.

FWIW, I offered once to *buy* the 1U for the client if it didn't smoke
their big-iron Solaris box;  they declined to take me up on it (but
still went ahead and used Solaris, because that was what made the SAs
feel warm-n-fuzzy).

Matt Hamilton's report is still probably your best resource if you find
yourself with the gun to your head:


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