Mark Barratt wrote:

> Well, no, because some of the objects I want to append /source.html to 
> are not called index.html (but that *is* how we did it for another site 
> and it works as you say).
> A text substitution covers both cases:
> tal:attributes="href 
> python:context.REQUEST['URL0'].replace('index_html','index.html')+'/source.html'"

Wouldn't this just result in "[path]/index.html/source.html"? Do you want
the index.html in the URL to source.html. This will work with Zope but
looks strange. Using URL1 instead of URL0 would leave the index[._]html
off the generated URL. 
> >If you were working with zope projects there are other tricks you could
> >pull, but it doesn't sound like you are doing this.
> I don't understand this: is a 'zope project' different from my project 
> using zope?

Opps. I meant a 'zope product', ie. a python based product.


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