thank you. i understand now. the plone controller was the reason why i
got confused:

for example, this page has the screen shot of the "ports" UI of the
controller (see section 7): the UI shows two http
ports, one for plone, another for zope, which made me believe that
there are two instances running. i still believe that the windows msi
creates two zope instances but i need to verify it. but, thanks, my
main question has been answered. ;-)


2005/9/8, Peter Bengtsson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Zope isn't really a server. It's got some server elements but it's
> core is around the storage and retrieval of data in a controlled
> manner.
> Plone is just a big bunch of well written scripts and templates and
> images that is written inside Zope. Not too different from how
> pgMyAdmin is a packaged solution on top of PHP.
> The reason Plone refers to itself as a server is that some people
> (like people who download the msi installer) don't understand and
> don't need to understand the various layers of the end product. I
> think it's good what Plone has done but, as your email proves,
> sometimes people can get confused.
> On 9/8/05, akonsu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > i have been reading about zope and plone for a few days now, and i
> > have a question that i could not find an answer to.
> >
> > i understand zope is a server, that is, it is a process in OS. from
> > what i could gather from the documentation, plone is a cms built on
> > top of zope. why then when i install plone for windows from an msi, it
> > appears that plone is also a server that runs alongside zope server
> > just on a different http port? in addition, why the plone
> > documentation keeps referring to plone as a server, and is using terms
> > such as "start plone" and "stop plone"? so, is it a CMS that runs on
> > top of zope or is it aan its own server? i am totally confused...
> >
> > i hope this is the right list to post this kind of plone questions. if
> > not, i apologise, and i would appreciate if you could redirect me...
> >
> > thanks for any clarifications in advance.
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