Jonathan Cyr wrote:
I have to choose which features of Zope to learn and use, based on a much larger criteria than I can present here. I do not wish to mix ZPT and DTML in my project... I had chosen DTML, before ZPT was mature... It may be better, but I don't care for now... when I'm able to re-assess which pieces of Zope to use in a future project, I may well choose it.

Okay, whatever...

As a professional programmer, you must see the advantage in adhering to a project's standards and specs, as to managing the code in the project. That is why I needed to use DTML for my RSS.

Uh, no, as a professional programmer, I use the best tools for the job, and don't stand by mistakes I made before, like choosing DTML, especially when the two can co-exist quite happilly...

I have chosen my mix for this project, and benefit much more from my standards docs much more than any single feature like ZPT can provide.

Okay, whatever...

As far as I know, DTML is being supported into the future, and my hand will not be forced.

Then your hand will be burned, enjoy ;-)


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