(and after the flame bait, something real to argue with)

Jonathan Cyr wrote:
Happy to have the choice, don't get me wrong. I found DTML very easy, I'm old school and generate all of my HTML/CSS by hand.

Indeed, generating HTML by hand is specifcally why I use ZPT. The well-formed-ness and associated checking mean I never miss out the odd >, or closing tag, which I remember being a constant problem, especially in complicated DTML.

There's also the rediculous DTML namespace lookup rules, which, once upon a time, I used to know, and now am grateful for not having to care about...

In addition to CSS, I've found it pretty good for inserting items into JavaScript, Applet and Embed elements.

I'd probably do these using a python script if ZPT can't cut it, which it often can. Although I still long for a ZPT mode which DOESN'T do some of the checking, and where you have better control over where whitespace is inserted...

I find that I'm attuned to a tag system that jumps out at me when reading.... The ZPT stuff wasn't as easy to parse visually for me....

I found a good HTML highlighting mode for my editor (emacs) helped a lot with this...

Funny, I bought Zope's approach "hook, line & sinker", early on, with the various Zope books published with DTML being a major piece of the Zope puzzle. DTML made sense to me then, still does.

Maybe you like ZClasses too? ;-)



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