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bruno modulix wrote:
> Julien Anguenot wrote:
>>bruno modulix wrote:
>>>>You'll find it on the cps-users list. I'm not a CPS expert[1] - and not
>>>>even a Zope expert - but from what I saw, it seemed to imply more than
>>>>only TALES expressions...
>>>>[1] given the change pace and resulting lack of  documentation, I guess
>>>>only you Nuxeo guys have a good understanding of the whole product... 
>>CPS is an open process so contributions such as documentation, patches,
>>codes, ideas etc... is always warmly welcome.
> I don't doubt it, but you'll agree that to document something, one has
> first to know how it works !-)
> Don't take me wrong, I'm not complaining about the lack of documentation
> - I know what is takes to document a project, and the fast changes
> surely don't help here. It's just a fact that CPS documentation is
> sparse and usually somewhat out-of-date, so it's "use the code, Luke".
> Actually, my very modest contributions are restricted to a couple of
> tickets and work-around in Trac. More may come if and when I'll find
> time for it.
>>>>>Then, you might have a design flaw...
>>>>Probably. Certainly. But we'll have to live with it for at least this
>>>>and next iteration - our customer needs a working solution for
>>>>yesterday, and we have pretty good reasons to do whatever we can to
>>>>deliver yesterday.
>>I understand.
>>>>>You didn' reply to my question at the first place : are you controling
>>>>>the LDAP (rw) ?
>>>>Actually, no, r only. 
> (snip)
>>>>>Are the schemas describing your users differents in between the CPS
>>>>>instances ? 
>>Argh..., it really would have been a job for CPSUserFolder...
> Yes, I know. And I would be sorry to conclude that I misunderstood what
> it took to make it work and gave up when I was almost done :-/
> But I still have to find a way to handle the current situation... As I
> said at first, my guesses are either hacking the _isTop() method of
> LDAPUserGroupsFolder or finding some good hints/doc on using traversal
> hooks. If you can be of any help here, please be sure you'll gain "ma
> reconnaissance éternelle"...

As I said you should move the discussion on cps-users (and even
cps-users-fr since you're French speaking) and expose your use case in
details so that we can help you. zope@zope.org is not the most accurate
place for this I guess.



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