Paul Winkler wrote:
Has anybody set up a batch job to test all installed Products
in a zope instance?

Yes ;-)

Seems like the only *useful* way I can get it to run is with a loop that
does "bin/zopectl test" once for each subdirectory of Products
that I actually care about, taking care to ignore problematic
third-party products.  Which is OK I guess, but I'd prefer not
to have to skip anything.

I have a python script that builds a big command line to of the form:

bin/zopectl test Products/Product1|Products/Products2|etc's not pretty, but it does work, and lets you exclude geb0rken products like Archetypes from test runs...

- Some otherwise excellent third-party products have tests with
  dependencies that the product itself does not have, and which
  I do not want to install. (I will contact the author(s) privately.)

Yep, I exclude them too ;-)

- Some third-party products (e.g. CMF) ship with tests that just plain

Really? That's not been the case for a long time. When trying to test a Plohn setup, I found some of the Plohn tests were causing CMF tests to fail if the CMF tests were run in the same batch, 'cos they no doubt leave lots of crap lying around :-(

  If I install CMF 1.4.8 and nothing else, and run ./bin/zopectl test,
I get 1 error and 1 failure.

Why are you using something so ancient? ;-)

- Some of my own Product tests run fine in isolation but break when
  run alongside other installed product tests.

Then either your tests or the other tests are leaving turds...

- Does this jibe with others' experience?


- Is there a better (or best) way to run all my Product tests?

If you find it, let me know! :-)

- *Should* we expect that ./bin/zopectl test will run all installed
Products tests, and if so, what can we do as a community to get
authors to fix their products?

Beat them with sticks, embarass them in public, etc...



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