I've taken a look at stepper and dug into the zope source again.  It looks like 
both are relying on a startup script akin to zopectl to marshal everything 
correctly.  I would rather not be using a startup script (besides I couldn't 
sort it out); this is what I have so far:

        from Zope.Startup import options, handlers
        opts = options.ZopeOptions()

unfortunately in the resulting options object, I'm not getting the stuff I need 
from the conf file, namely the ZODB storage stuff needed for ClientStorage.

The schema file that is being used by ZopeOptions is 
Zope/Startup/zopeschema.xml.  This only has a skeleton zodb_db section.  It 
looks like the meat & potatoes are in ZODB/component.xml, but I don't see how 
that is actually pulled in.

Any more ideas?

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Mika, David P (Research) wrote:
> To initialize ZEO clients with ClientStorage I need info such as host, port, 
> etc.  All the needed stuff is tucked away nicely in the zope.config file and 
> I would like to be using the zope machinery access it.  I know that what I 
> need is in there somewhere, but when I try to follow how it happens in say 
> the Zope startup, I get lost in all the dependencies and my head starts 
> swirling. 
> I would like to be able to use something like is in ZODB/config.py:
>       class ZEOClient(BaseConfig):
>           def open(self):
>               from ZEO.ClientStorage import ClientStorage
>               # config.server is a multikey of socket-address values
>               # where the value is a socket family, address tuple.
>               L = [server.address for server in self.config.server]
>               return ClientStorage(
>                   L,
>                   storage=self.config.storage,
>                   cache_size=self.config.cache_size,
>                   name=self.config.name,
>                   client=self.config.client,
>                   var=self.config.var,
>                   min_disconnect_poll=self.config.min_disconnect_poll,
>                   max_disconnect_poll=self.config.max_disconnect_poll,
>                   wait=self.config.wait,
>                   read_only=self.config.read_only,
>                   read_only_fallback=self.config.read_only_fallback,
>                   username=self.config.username,
>                   password=self.config.password,
>                   realm=self.config.realm)
> here BaseConfig has that bit of magic that has self.config.
> I guess I need to know how to instantiate this class.  Any ideas?

Have a look at the run.py file in Stepper:


It shows you how to parse zope.conf without having to start Zope up...

You may wish to wait for Stepper 1.3.0, though, which shows you how to
do this for both Zope 2.7 and Zope 2.8...



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