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> Alan Milligan escribió:
> >You do realise that pyexpat has a limitation of 8192 bytes between xml
> >tags - if your parse string is longer than this, it will fail.  You can
> >recompile your expat parser to accept larger sizes, but this drastically
> >affects performance.

Ok, I don't know just where this assertion comes from; I can't
reproduce this at all with the pyexpat in Python 2.3.5 or 2.4.2.  I've
attached a short test program that verifies pyexpat's behavior.


Fred L. Drake, Jr.    <fdrake at gmail.com>
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"""Test asserted size limitation of text between tags for pyexpat.

__docformat__ = "reStructuredText"

from xml.parsers import expat

COUNT = 8192 * 10
SAMPLE_TEXT = "<doc>abc" + ("-" * COUNT) + "xyz</doc>"

buffer = []

def characters(text):

p = expat.ParserCreate()
p.CharacterDataHandler = characters
p.Parse(SAMPLE_TEXT, True)

text = u"".join(buffer)

assert len(text) == (COUNT + 6)
assert text.startswith(u"abc---")
assert text.endswith(u"---xyz")

# This is expected to print "abc--- ---xyz"
print text[:6], text[-6:]
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