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And you are allowed to be.   It is a bit strange in an XML-RPC dialog to
drop out to http occasionally ...
Actually, I'd expect large files over XML-RPC to be handled by sending
a URL, and have the client GET the file separately.  But then, I have
weird ideas sometimes.

This has absolutely nothing on them actually implementing a lot of their
XML-RPC using HTTP GET, when the protocol clearly states it must be an

(I imagine this is a performance enhancement in that you needn't
xml-parse the payload ...)
Unless you can make the server a simple front-end to a pile-o-files on
disk, I don't see any benefit.  There's no issue for the client, only
the server, since they want to limit the number of machines they stick
behind the load-balancer.

Ok, I think we've agreed this isn't an Expat issue, but a bug in
RedHat code that's unrelated to using XML in Zope.  The Expat-based
minidom-builder in recent versions of Python is pretty well tested in


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Hi all!
I use an XML file because I like to use freemind like editor
I think perhaps could be better if I could transform it to a good Zope
object instead of XML but I don't know how to make zope ftp server serve
this file like a method

I know how to read the file (PUT_factory method) but I want freemind to
read a created file

Some idea?


I've no idea what freemind is, but have you installed ExternalEditor??
With this you should be able to connect any editor you require.  It
works by overriding the PUT method, popularised with both ftp and web-dav.

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Sorry for my english
I would like to create a method on my container that will be a file by FTP
With these I could transform XML to a Zope object better than XML

I will use PUT_factory to read the XML file but I don't know the write method

Could any one put an example (if these is possible)?

If these FTP behaviour is not possible I think the better solution is maintain the XML file. isn't it?


PD: freemind link:

Mis Cosas

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