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> What does concern me is the way in which the recommendation to use (at the 
> moment) Python 2.3.5 is explained.
> I may be willing to accept the risks of using a system which has not yet 
> been audited in terms of security, but I want to know if there are any 
> reported instabilities or incompatibilities which have been identified 
> when, say, Python 2.4.X is used.

I'm sure there are, but a list of all such issues hasn't been created
and likely won't be.  I suspect that there just aren't a lot of folks
who are willing to do the time-consuming labor of testing their
application under both 2.3.5 and a later Python revision and reporting
the issue in a structured way to make it easy for others to consume.

To the extent that some people are willing to do this, the historical
mechanism for reporting has been the Zope collector; these kinds of
issues are thrown in to the bucket like any other kind of issue.  A
concentrated effort is usually organized every year or two to find and
solve them.  When this concentrated effort is undertaken, developers
have time to go cull the collector for issues like this.  This is also
why it's only undertaken every year or so, because it's pretty
labor-intensive and so usually requires some injection of cash (which
has historically comes from Zope Corporation or one of their customers).

Collector issues already have a metadata field that is supposed to be
used as a field for reporting the Python version used.  Unfortunately
there is no user-visible searching mechanism in the collector to show
only issues that have been reported against a particular Python version.

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