Wingware Support wrote:
Just a couple notes on this: We monkey patch only while the debugger is active

Does this mean "When WingDbg is installed" or is there more to it than that?

Also, someone mentioned changing the monkey patch to call inherited.

Not sure what you mean by that...

However, what would make the most sense (to me) is to get the co_filename setting part of the patch into Zope as a real change to the code (this adds no overhead, and it's entirely reasonable to set file name or url of some type here when available) and leave any other stuff like line cache stuffing to zdb or other debugger.

I guess I agree, but we need to come up with a standard for it then ;-)

Anybody understand what the sticking point with that is?  Is it the
change from removing/adding ##'ed header so it's not stripped before
making the code object (so line numbers match source)?

Don't see what any commented block stuff has to do with it, what would that have to do with co_filename? I don't see any real sticking point other than that both CMF and Zope need the changes...



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