Tino Wildenhain wrote:

I want to have full access rights on the database through the external methods.

Usually you dont want that.

Yes, usually i don't.

Sane security constrains on database save you a lot mistakes if done right. You can also use views and stored
functions to further tighten your security.

Really, this reasoning may apply on regular projects.
For my case, let me explain:
- Say, you want to read/write a DB through Zope.
- You have a read-only ZODB, so you cannot change anything.
- The user-folder is based on an external authentication mechanism.
- A Zope security hole comes up, which gives you all permissions within Zope.
- You want to minimize the casualties of this attack.
I think database constrains are not applicable for this scenario. Also, i don't want any application logic within the database, so stored procedures are not an option either. I believe that using ZSQLmethods for this setup will/might allow an attacker to: - retrieve information about the database (schema-wise) [ <- not so important]
- retrieve/modify records [ <- much more important ]

I (maybe falsely) think Zope as a "sandbox" environment. I cannot "operate" as root within this sandbox, so i need external methods. Why not moving all my "non-restricting"/"privileged" actions outside this sandbox, so that if someone breaks-in the sandbox i might stand a better chance to keep him there for a while longer? Following this reasoning, i created a single external method [a true SPOF :-) ] which does all the dirty work.

Bad done external methods are more likely to open security holes.

Of course! I trust the Zope developers to be much more of a coder than me! :-)

I really hope i don't! :-) As Dieter said, my application is not a conventional Zope application.

What is it instead? :)

Got you intrigued huh?? :-)
It is a webmin/usermin-like suite for Linux. The approach is quite different, both commercially and architecturally. I am pretty sure it is probably the most "unconventional" use of Zope up to now. :-)

I could say that, for this project, i am using Zope:
- as a much safer alternative to CGI

but not if compromized :)


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