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I've tried everything in both the Zope and Plone books and read the
Apache URL Rewrite guide also, but I just can't seem to get the silly
thing working!
I'm sure that it does ;-) but for some reason it is beyond me.
Let me tell you what I've tried, and tell me which one should work:
I am using apache to rewrite the urls.
1. Host monsters, both one in the zope root folder, and multiple in each
plone site's folders.  I have tried both with the mappings and without
(even though the books say they're not needed with apache).

You only need *one* VHM in the Zope root but not multiple VHM instances.

2. apache rewrite rules, this is how (the current attempt looks)
please assume that the big url is all on one line, email programs may
have changed that.
<VirtualHost *:80>
   ServerName example.net
   RewriteEngine On
   RewriteRule ^/(.*)
rtu alHostRoot/$1 [L,P]
I have tried all combinations of things in the 'example.net' places
above, including the fqdn, local ip number and local host name.
Is there a shortcoming in the documentation here?

The documentation - at least the one in the Zope Book - is fine.
At least check if mod_proxy is installed and enabled. The *example* configuration above looks fine and it supposed to work - in fact it is work in lots of installations. Triple check your setup and enable logging for mod_rewrite...look at your Apache logs and look at the Zope logs and compare, lock at thre rewrite debug logs....that's the way to go...


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