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> Subject: [Zope] Re: URL Rewriting chaos
> i've managed to get it closer to working, when you type in ''
> into the browser the desired page comes up (yay) but the links are all
> still 'myserver:8080/plone' and of course they don't resolve anyway.
> What's up here?

Your "new" RewriteRule is wrong, it does not have the proper stuff in it
to access the VHM.

> I've been mucking around with this for many days now, perhaps the newer
> releases will make this work 'out of the box' please :-)

How could this ever work 'out of the box', please? It involves not only
your individual setup, but also two distinct pieces of software, namely
Zope and Apache. So until Zope gets mind reading code and full access to
your apache config file (wherever that may live), no such luck.

You might try the "RewriteRule witch" (a rewriterule generator) though, 
just to be sure that your RewriteRule contains no typos or mistakes:

The day before yesterday there was someone with a very similar problem
on #zope. His rule looked right but he got 403s always. After many tries
it turns out some other part of the httpd.conf file was b0rken... duh.



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