Allen Huang wrote at 2005-11-8 17:07 -0800:
>I know it might be difficult, but I like try it. I don't really like to use 
>multiple databases if I could fit all the data into onto zope or mutiple zope 
>databases, maybe it could increase dataflow since I wouldn't need to transform 
>data from one format to another. 
>But I'm really concern on how it will stress my RAM. I made a system with zope 
>to take in members and when I try to do some statistics with zope, I had to 
>change from a 256mb ram to a 512mb ram.

Zope is incredibly flexible. There are huge amounts of buttons to tune
and when you forget to tune or tune in the wrong way, the result will
be suboptimal.

For large numbers of members, e.g. it is necessary to use
BTrees based data structures (they have a hiearchical tree structure
and are not flat as easier data structures).

As someone else already said: you should not store huge objects
as a single persistent object but chunk it into smaller blocks.
The built-in "File" object already does this but may not be fully
adequate for GIS specific access.

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