I have not yet completed differential diagnosis, but I was hoping someone 
had encountered a similar problem and could pass along a fix/workaround.

The following program fails to do the writes -- 

import MySQLdb
dbuser = 'root'
dbpass = 'XXXXXX'
host = 'localhost'
connection = MySQLdb.connect( db=initdb,  user=dbuser, passwd=dbpass, 
host=host )
cursor = connection.cursor()
qd = "delete from test.data"
qi = "insert into test.data values('ardvark', 'homework') "
print qi
cursor.execute( qi)
q2 = "select * from test.data"
cursor.execute( q2)
res = cursor.fetchall()
print res

when run with Mysql-Python-1.2.1c under Python 2.4.2, but works just
find with Mysql-Python-1.1.1 under Python 2.3.5.

The tables are Innodb tables (that is, transactional).

Running Zope with Python 2.4.2 and Mysql-Pyton 1.2.1c works just fine.

Is there something special I need to do that I have forgotten?


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