On Friday 02 December 2005 14:46, Andrew Milton wrote:
> +-------[ Gaute Amundsen ]----------------------
> | Sorry about that.
> | Thought I had checked that, but I must have mixed it up with
> | MysqlUserFolder, which setup alerted me to this whole mess.
> |
> | Will try an upgrade, but since MysqlUserFolder displays the same problem
> | I suspect I will be back shortly :-/
> Given there's two user folders giving you the same response, it's unlikely
> to be the same bug in two different user folder implementations :-)

My thoughts exactly. It's worth a try anyway at this stage, but I have not had 
time for that yet.

> Since your index_html and docLogin both seem to require permissions to
> view, 
No, no, and NO again. docLogin noes NOT require permission.
I can access it without problem. If I cold not this would probably be a simple 
problem, and I would not be posting to the list.

> I would check to make sure that your 'header' and 'footer' items 
> aren't doing something restricted.
> If you're using DTML, then I'd check that standard_html_header and
> standard_html_footer.
> Make sure that in addition to the 'View' permission that also the
> 'Access Contents information' permissions are set for Anonymous
> on headers, footers and docLogin (and index_html if required).

I am sorry, but I have been down that path numerous times, and it is all in 

I remove 'view' permission for anonymous from a folder or index.html file way 
below acl_users, and I get the described problem when I try to access it. 
I restore that permission, and everything displays properly. 
If I go to acl_users/docLogin directly, I can log in with cookies, and 
everything works fine. I believe that neatly eliminates the concerns you 
raise here.

To be frank I really think my first post described the situation quite 

I do not think exUserFolder is faulty in any way, except possibly by our own 
modification, but that is what I have to work with to try to figure out what 
is going on.

I was hoping it would be a product that many would be familiar with, and that 
as such it wold be a good reference point to grapple with the more general 
principles. Noting beats assistance from the author of course,
but please don't insist on treating this as a newbee question :)


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