I am looking for a way in Zope to receive HTTP-requests with, eg,
DELETE and PUT in the object method. Zope (2.7.x) seems to intercept these and
issue "Not authorised".

(I check REQUEST.REQUEST_METHOD to decide what to do in the object's method.
POST and GET are fine, but others are blocked in Zope.)

I do not want to do it "the right way" and create special kind of
ZServer (like for WebDAV), I just want Zope to let me decide what to do
if certain method is requested from a certain method of an object.

An example.
I want object X to receive a message Y with request method DELETE.
This is the raw thing the server need to receive:

DELETE /path/to/object/X/Y HTTP/1.1
Host: myhost.myorg.org
Content-Type: application/myprotocol+xml

Of course, I have a product Z which has this class:

class Z:

   def Y(self, REQUEST):
            # no problem
            # this is never reached... Zope doesnt call Y

What do I tweak so object X will receive Y on a usual HTTP port 80?

Sincerely yours, Roman Suzi
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