Chris Wilton wrote:
If there's a 500 error in the trace or access log, there should
be something in your error_log too.  Traceback please?

None. Zippo. Squat.

You're looking in the wrong place.
Go to the root of the ZMI in a web browser. You'll see and object called error_log, that's what Paul was talking about. Unfortunately, entries in this don't persist across Zope restarts, so you want to check the box that says "copy events to the event log", then they'll show up where you're currently looking...

And an equally unhelpful entry in the trace log:
2005-12-08T18:45:23 B 1131651340 2005-12-08T18:45:23 GET
2005-12-08T18:45:23 I 1131651340 2005-12-08T18:45:23 0
2005-12-08T18:45:24 A 1131651340 2005-12-08T18:45:24 500 272
2005-12-08T18:45:24 E 1131651340 2005-12-08T18:45:24

Well, Chris McDonough is your man for reading these runes ;-)

Thanks for the advice on ftp; I might look at newer Zopes, but we'd
rather not have to use zope's ftp (for reasons including those you
pointed out), as our content should be reachable through the http
server; I'd rather tackle that problem.

Tried WebDAV?

Any obvious config settings I might be missing?

Well, for your needs, you should really be looking at Tramlines or Railroad from Infrae...


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