> >> I don't understand the problem.  How is using XML-RPC incompatible
> >> with persistence?  What are you trying to exclude?
> > I'm sorry, but I don't understand _that_ question. What am I trying to
> > _exclude_?
> You said:
> """ it would most certainly be extremely hard to foresee the exact
> setup of such situations and impossible to exclude them """

That's probably an idiomatic error on my part, sorry. I meant "avoid"
(in German, it's the same word).

> AFAICT, people have told you to not use XML-RPC here and when you
> said it was not possible to avoid the use of XML-RPC, they provided
> suggestion about how to accomplish what you wanted anyway.  So I'm
> not sure what the exact problem is.

The problem is a different one now, and I was referring to the
_reasons_ people had for telling me not to use XML-RPC. Part of the
problem I have now is that no application on the web is isolated from
others, and that ZOPE specifically _comes_ with XML-RPC capabilities
on the server's part.

> > My point is: this doesn't happen _within_ single "programs", but
> > everywhere there is even the slightest bit of communication there is a
> > chance of it happening.
> The chance of what happening, sorry?  I'm still trying to understand
> the problem.  The only problem that was noted so far was a deadlock
> potential by Dieter which presumed you were doing XML-RPC requests to
> the same system which accepts them.  This is an unusual thing to do;
> it wouldn't happen under "normal" circumstances.

The problem setup is this; I explained it above, but it this has
become a long thread:

I write a ZOPE product. I want to make use of other software on the
internet and the services that software provides. So I use the methods
exposed by that software via SOAP, XML-RPC, whatever.

One of those methods actually calls my product back, maybe because the
developer has learned that my product itself exposes some (or all) of
its functionality via XML-RPC. If this is all inside one call, which I
can't avoid explicitly as the developer of just my product, I have a
broken transaction on my hands that isn't easy to fix (and maybe
impossible). This holds true for the whole product, even if the method
called by the second server changed some completely unrelated data.

I hope that clears it up a little.

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