Alric Aneron wrote:
I have a python code that recieves two result objects from two different ZSQL methods.  I need to join them (sort of like UNION).
I can't do result1+result2, otherwise it raises an exception that the + operator isn't supported.
When I try to do this (read below, I explained what i've done if you are lazy to read the code)
result1 = context.zsqlmethod1()
result2 = context.zsqlmethod2()
if (len(result1) == 0):
    return result2
row1 = 0
row2 = len(result1) + 1
col = 0
for r in result2:
   col = 0
   if (context.duplicateExists(result1, result2[row1][0]) == -1):
       result1[row2][col] = result2[row][col]
       col = col + 1
   row1 = row1 + 1
   row2 = row2 + 1

return result1

Basically, it loops through the rows and columns of result2 and adds them to the end of th e result 1.  However it for some reason raises "index out of range" and says that assigning result1[0][0]=result2[0][0] (if there is an element in both of them) is illegal because:
Error Value: object does not support item or slice assignment
I realize that in most programming languages you can't add them to result1 without resizing it first, but I can't find much documentaiton on member functions of the result object, so I can't resize it. 
I am completely stuck, I've tried everything, spent so much time on it, can anyone please help save my sanity :P

Thanks in advance guys! I really appreciate it.

The merging of two zsql result sets is easy - here's one way:
newResults = []

for r in resultset1:
  newResults.append( r )

for r in resultset2:
  newResults.append( r )

return newResults.


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