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To pour fuel on the flames...
-1 ZPT
1) For 'quick and dirty' demos and rapid application prototyping DTML does the trick (yes, even including ZClasses), it is fast, easy, reasonably robust and it works!
2) For 'heavy lifting' (ie. intense computation, high loads, etc.) I prefer a 'product' approach.
3) For client-side functionality/control I prefer an AJAX approach using a combination of _javascript_/HTML/XHTML/XHTML-MP plus server-side python scripts/external methods/products.
ZPT is a bit of a hybrid which increases overhead and doesn't really bring any new functionality to the table (for my applications and environment).  Yes, for separating (well, mostly separating) content from display formatting ZPT is one possible solution, but the divorce of content and presentation is better achieved with an AJAX type of approach.
I think Zope beginners would be better off using DTML (easier to learn, user's get quicker results and therefore have more satisfaction with Zope as a development platform), and then 'serious' development should be done using an AJAX approach with Zope 3 - the way of the future imho :-)
If we had to make a choice for the future I would prefer Zope 2 + DTML and Zope 3 + AJAX (and consign ZPT to the 'good idea at the time' bin).  Possibly, in the distant future, AJAX utilities/ides will exist which will make rapid prototyping and 'quick & dirty' demos feasible, in which case Zope 2 + DTML could fade into happy history.
Just my 1-1/2 cents.
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Think about it:  we argue about Z Classes vs DTML vs ZPT + python scripts vs Products.  Its all good.

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