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> OK. You might try ZSyncer (zsyncer.sf.net).
> But you will need *some* kind of remote access to install it in the
> Products directory.
> ZSyncer won't do "packaging" for you; the UI it provides is intended
> for manually pushing changes from your development Zope to the remote
> Zope. (or vice versa - it supports pull as well as push).
> But maybe you could achieve more automation and finer control with a bit
> of scripting.  You can also call arbitrary methods on the remote server
> using a couple of new methods of the ZSyncer API (callRemote,
> callManyRemote); this can be useful if you need to e.g. programatically
> tweak some properties or security settings.

I considered Zsyncher a while ago -- the problem there though is that
there are many things in the two sites that should not be synched --
it seemed more of a synch everything kind of tool. Maybe I should look
at it again. That would be a long term project though.

> If you can't install ZSyncer on the remote Zope, you can transfer
> objects the "old" way:  using Export / Import from the ZMI.
> But even there, you need *some* kind of remote access in order to put
> the .zexp file in the import/ directory of your Zope installation.

I can have a person at the remote site perform tasks -- the person
there is a competent systems person(though not fluent in Zope) -- in
fact that is what I am trying to do. I am not intending to eliminate
intervention completely at the site, just limit the number of steps
and potential errors/miscommunications.

Import/export via zexp doesn't really solve the problem of updating a
smattering of files over the ZODB, unless I am missing something about
using it. It might even introduce more issues than it solves.
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