Greg Fischer schrieb:
> I like what you said, be tolerant.  Some of us don't see the limitations
> of DTML as something that is broken, or that it is not good.  I don't

I see we have to improve teaching.

> think there is anything wrong with ZPT either, I simply don't have a use
> for it.  Coexist? Yes, I hope they always do.
> Personally, I am doing more and more with PHP.  There are multiple
> reasons for that, but partly it is due to a conception in the Zope
> community that DTML is bad, and as such, it might go away. The *hype* is
> all about ZPT, not DTML.  I don't want to pursue a development platform

You can have PT with PHP too. Thats the cool part about it. Its really
kinda standard. You have PT for Zope, PHP, Perl, Java, ...

> that is a foundation of my applications on something that is going away,
> or even hinting to it.  That might not be the case, might be totally
> false.  But we cant deny the fact that if there is no hype, then there
> is no attention to it, and less people will use it and even less will
> support it.

I dont think thats the problem. I saw even weirder frameworks
to work with. I guess we could introduce an even suckier template
language and people would fall in love with it.

BTW: ZPT is not, and was never a replacement for DTML.
DTML would be replaced by application logic in python
or python scripts and ZPT together.

No matter if DTML is still there (and it will) we should
find better ways to teach people how to easy develope in

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