Does the Zope Wiki article on Repozo tell you where to find it, maybe I missed it.  I actually looked for quite a while.  Maybe it just needs to be a little clearer... or maybe I need a smack in the head.

I didn't have much success anyway, I setup my Zope/ZEO setup using SuSE 9.0's onboard Python and PIL installs, which, at the time, seemed an easy way to reproduce a ZEO client machine over and over. 

Upon running repozo, it can't find the pieces of Zope/ZODB, it needs to run, and I get an immediate traceback refering to the import of ZODB.   After trying to adjust the pythonpath (wouldn't stick), and trying to drop repozo in the right directory.  I couldn't get it to work.  And, frankly, with everything Zope/Python/PIL working fine, I didn't mess with it very hard, fearing breaking it.

Using SuSE's YAST installed Python seems to be my mistake... but It made sense at the time, and the right versions and everything... and although it works, upgrading Zope and using repozo are major drawbacks.

I'll have to build a new box, correctly, and migrate to it.

In any case, thanks for your time,


Tim Peters wrote:
[Jonathan Cyr]
Where is the latest version of Repozo, the backup tool, kept?

Is there a reason, that it's not included with the Zope
install/utilities (at least the 2.7.x I'm using).

[... time passes ...]

Thanks for the quick response, I noticed that the my WinXP Zope
(sandbox) doesn't have it, but my production SuSE Linux does.

It's in my WinXP Zope-2_7-branch sandbox:

    C:\Code\Zope-2_7-branch>dir/b utilities\ZODBTools\rep*

It's also in Zope 2.8 branch, 2.9 branch, and current Zope trunk.

For some reason (oversight?), Zope3 does not include ZODB tools, but
you should find them in every flavor of Zope2 (and of course a CVS or
SVN sandbox gets you the same stuff no matter which platform you use
to do the checkout).
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