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Looks like you're newbie to OO too !-)

A class defines a type. You then need to have an instance of that type
(like, say, 42 is an instance of type integer and 'foo' is an instance
of type string).

Yes, true! :-)


 > (Interfaces (I mean, 'explicit' interfaces) defines an 'abstract' type,

that can be implemented by many classes. With Python's dynamic typing,
you don't *need* explicit interfaces - at least with Zope 2.x. AFAICT,
the recommandation to use explicit interfaces is mostly about Zope3
relying on them to implement some nice features).

So it would be:

tal:define="some_name context/myObject/doThis"

As you see, you don't have to worry about interface at this level...

So you recommend that I should just skip them as long as I'm on Zope2?

Short answer : yes. Unless you plan to switch to Zope3 really soon, but then, I'd recommand that you skip Zope 2.x !-)

I would be happy with that. I find them confusing when they don't
really interface with but just document my methods.

The Interface package offers much more than simple documentation. But I don't think you will find much Zope 2.x code using it.

My 2 cents
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