Hugo Ramos wrote:
Well... They were already using Zope's cache and Squid to proxy some static HTML
I guess the problem is Plone itself... Skins etc...

eh, sorry for probably stating the obvious. you menationed in an earlier mail that you have good hardware. If this hardware is multi-cpu then I suggest that you use some tool (i.e. taskset on linux) to bind each zope python process to a single cpu.

Threaded python applications does not work well in multi-cpu settings where there is a chance of a threaded python process being spread out over more than one CPU. I causes a, sometimes signinficant, performance loss.

Just by binding the zope python processes to a single CPU (not necessarily the same, just make sure that any single python process is not spread over more than one CPU) you will notice a preformance increase.

And like all the others said, Caching is you friend. Start by checking the ZODB cache numbers in the zope-conf file (too start simple). IIRC, the default is 5000 objects. Increase that to, say 50.000 or so (you mention that you have a busy site).

Good luck.


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