Thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions!

I have decided to upgrade our Zope 2.6 application (which consists of 276 scripts/methods/external methods, 5 zcatalogs and 5 sets of zclasses) to Zope 2.9 and Five - as this appears to be a somewhat less painful migration than making a complete leap to Zope 3!

Thanks again,


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If it is "fairly extensive" I would think your best bet is to migrate up
the 2.X ladder.

2.6 -> 2.7.8 (shouldn't be too bumpy)
2.7.8 -> 2.8.4 (ZCatalog issues)
2.8.4 -> 2.9.x (lots of Zope 3 goodness)

If you do those the jump into Zope 3 should be easier than not.

I usually wait for a .3 or .4 release to get in.


On Thu, January 26, 2006 11:11 am, Jonathan said:
I have a fairly extensive application running on Zope 2.6 and would like
upgrade it for long-term maintainability.  So I am looking for thoughts
the group as to whether it would be better to upgrade to the latest
of Zope 2, or 'bite-the-bullet' and upgrade to Zope 3.

Does anyone know the long term fate of Zope 2? (ie. is the plan to
eventually move everything into Zope 3, then slowly fade Zope 2 from the
picture, or will Zope 2 be with us forever?).

Any and all thoughts gratefully appreciated!



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