Andrew Milton schrieb:
 > | <ul>
> |  <li tal:repeat="elem context/objectValues"
> |   <img tal:attributes="src string: ${elem/absolute_url}/genGraph"> plot 
> </img>
> |  </li>
> | <ul>
> In what way doesn't this work? I've certainly used this pattern in my FS
> products without problems.

Hmm? Did I miss something? A few posts above we recoginzed that when I would do:

def genGraph(self):

then genGraph would return data from the class where it is defined and not from 
the object acquiring it. So it would fail.

> | 'self' inside the a Zope product is the _same_ as 'context' or 'here' within
> | ZPT or PythonScripts.
> It IS in the context of that object. However, if you call a method that is
> acquired, self in that method is the acquired object, not the acquiring 
> object.

Yes, this is what I understood (at least I think so) now. So the question is:

How will the method find out what object I want it to operate on if I call it 
in this way

context/genGraphs or objref/genGraphs

I actually want it to operate on the object I called it on, but this is not 
what self inside the method represents.

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