Andrew Milton schrieb:
> How about you forget about Acquisition for now.

Well, hmmm ... this will be hard ... I was just about to fall in love with it 

> Define the method in the class you want to call it on.

Then I will have to subclass from OFS.Image.File and I was told that this is 
somehow evil. From a previous thread:

Roman Klesel wrote:
>> form OFS.Image import File
>> - I build a class _File(File):

>I really doubt you need to do that...

>> - pimped it up a little bit.

>What, specifically, did you add?

>> - _setObject'ed it

>You shouldn't be calling that directly...

> If you CAN'T define the method in the class (not sure why you couldn't), then
> you will have to define a method and pass an instance or a reference.

This makes the code in the ZPT all messy...

The third option is to somehow construct the the object the method should 
operate on from self.REQUEST.
I think I will try that ...

I was really hoping to get to understand this acquisition thing.
Am I really that far away from getting it? What does it take to grasp it?

Thanks anyway for your time and efforts!

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