On Sat, 25 Mar 2006, Chris Withers wrote:
sdeibel wrote:
I don't think the linecache hack is going to work for Wing because the file is read by the IDE and not within the same process space as Zope is running. While we might eventually make it possible to transfer code over the debug connection for cases like this, it would slow our debugger to a crawl in many debug scenarios so it's not designed that way now.

Sorry to hear that, maybe you could recommend zdb to people in the meantime ;-)

That won't help people debugging wxPython, of course... ;-)

I see there seems to be some evolution in Zope that fits with perhaps some day compiling the right file name into code objects,

Not at all clear what you mean, perhaps you could clarify?

I should have said "in CMF" -- with the addition of FSObject it looked like things were heading towards a cleaner state of affairs. This is just a general impression based on looking at successive versions of this code a few times a year, so I could be misunderstanding the motivation for the changes.

Incidentally my earlier email to zope@zope.org was rejected but I just joined so this one might make it...

- Stephan

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