Hello, list. I am attempting to install the following components under
FreeBSD 4.11:

- Python 2.3.5
- Zope 2.8.5
- Plone 2.1.2

under a directory structure like:


Python 2.3.5 is installed in /usr/local/zope/software-home/python/ and
appears to be working correctly. This server is also already
successfully running Zope 2.6.1 under Python 2.1.

When attempting to configure Zope 2.8.5, however, I receive the
following error from configure:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:www.climatelaw.org]$

Using Python interpreter at /usr/local/zope/software-home/python/

Configuring Zope installation

/usr/local/zope/software-home/python/: permission denied

I am installing as user "zope", which owns both the directory,
subdirectories and files within "/usr/local/zope":

  [EMAIL PROTECTED]:local]$ ls -ld zope
  drwxrwxr-x  5 zope  zope  512 Mar 23 12:22 zope

The python interpreter also is also owned by user "zope" and permissions
are set as "755":

  lrwxr-xr-x   1 zope  zope       12 Mar 14 13:02 python -> Python-2.3.5

I've searched the archives of this list and not found this particular
permission problem described. I am at a loss as to what exactly is
denying permission to what, much less how to correct the problem. I
would prefer not to have to configure and install Zope as root.

Any help very appreciated.

E-LAW U.S. Information Technology Manager
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

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