Reinoud van Leeuwen wrote at 2006-4-11 17:54 +0200:
>I have a working Pyhton script to search for users in a plone site with a 
>commandline xmlrpc client. It cannot be changed into an external method 
>because of the fact that it only works when running under a role with 
>sufficient rights.
>So I turned it into a product.
>Basically I have (I have deleted some obvious code):
>class Xmlrpcindex(UniqueObject, SimpleItem):
>    security = ClassSecurityInfo()
>    security.declarePublic('search')
>    def search (self, SearchableText):

All published methods must have a non empty docstring.
You search lacks a docstring.

If you run Zope in development mode ("debug-mode on"), you will get
a better error message.

> ...
>server = xmlrpclib.Server('http://localhost/plonesite/my_xmlrpc_instance')
>results ='sometext')
>This however generates a NotFound Exception :-(
>Am I doing something elementary wrong? Should I call the search method in 
>another way?
>>From the ZMI error log:
>User Name (User Id) Anonymous User (None)
>Request URL         http://localhost/plonesite/my_xmlrpc_instance/search
>Exception Type             NotFound

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