Hi Andreas. Yes, I have been thinking what type of object would be best. I was also thinking about putting whole zodb into rdb with something like PGStorage because my feeling is if I work with zodb strictly, it may bulk quickly. I guess this is another way of dealing with pickles which I have been contemplating but in a way that does not change the utility of objects in Zope. For my knowledge, how exactly are empty attributes dealt with in BTree so that if say 40 of 70 attributes are empty that it is handling this efficiently?


Andreas Jung wrote:

--On 17. April 2006 14:08:38 -0300 David Pratt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi. I had asked this question on zope3 about a week ago or so an had no
responses. I am hoping I can receive some general guidance on this issue.
I am trying to determine the best structure for storing a large schema
where some attributes are lists or dictionaries. There are about 70
attributes in the schema and I am trying to choose a structure that will
not necessarily have to hold a bunch of empty space. I have a base schema
of approximately 30 attributes and others that subclass from it with the
largest being about 70.

How about using Zope BTree datastructures? They are heavily optimized to be used within the ZODB.


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