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Gaute Amundsen wrote:

I want to retrieve the form fields in the order that they where submitted

I'd say blaming zope for not reading the docs is somewhat arrogant .-)

I have been reading the docs for thee last 3 years my friend.
Could you please specify _which_ docs you are refering to here?
And what do they say that has a bearing on this?

For example how to construct sane formulars? ;)

To painstakingly alter them all to add this sequence ordering
information, just because zope refuses to do as every other scripting
system out there that I am aware of, is just out of the queston.

Sorry, not getting the problem. Last time I saw the,
it used named form variables. You can easily access form variables
by name in Zope.

Hm.. ok.
I have these 100 forms, all over the place. They live in user editable html.

Bad concept, but there you are. I bet this isnt the only thing you
want to change while you go to an application server (like zope).

To have to track down and alter them all is out of the question.
Yet the users expect the form fields to appear in their emails in the order that they put them on the page.

Well now thats interesting. I see to: cc: subject: and body
elements and their respective form elements. What kind of
other order should be preserved? Its does not matter in which
order mime-headers appear (in fact you dont even see that
in most MUAs)

You seem to know, so you know that part :)

Not the field ordering part. What other elements exist which
need to preserve arbitrary ordering? (Beside the effect
if you have more then one to: oder more then one body
form element (same name) you get a list with ordering
preserved obviously.

My best Idea so far, is to use the apache proxying we use anyway, to run
all requests to this url through a small perl or php proxy, that ads the
ordering info to the POST.

Does anyone have any better ideas?

Yes. Give the description of your real problem. With more details please!
Show example form as it is and where exactly your problem is.

How to retrieve the field order from the http post request.

No, thats not your problem. Thats the solution you are seeking
to what you think is your problem :-) Maybe it is maybe not.
Please show us an example of the situation you are facing.
I believe there can be a simpler solution to it.

Tino Wildenhain
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