Philip Kilner wrote:
Hi Andreas,

Andreas Jung wrote:
For some reason I thought ZSQL method calls were atomic, but they appear
What do you mean by atomic? ZSQL are handled by the database adaper
which is usually tied to the transaction manager of the ZODB.

I'm too tired to find the words, so cut and pasted from -

"Indivisible. An atomic operation, or atomicity, implies an operation
that must be performed entirely or not at all. For example, if machine
failure prevents a transaction to be processed to completion, the system
will be rolled back to the start of the transaction."

Like Michael, I had understood that ZSQL database transactions were tied
into Zope transactions, and would fail or succeed as a whole. Like him,
I have found that - at least with this combination of DA & RDBMS - this
is not so. I work around it, as I always do when a Microsoft product is
involved. If I hit the same thing with PostgreSQL, I'll look into it

I was under the impression that ZSQL methods were very much intended to be atomic:

I know that it's been atomic to the point of frustration when working with Zope and MySQL. Perhaps the database adapter is at fault here?

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