Yea I saw that and started working or writing my own function, but
there are some other things that didn't work for me.  I guess I don't
know how the widget calls that function.

Does it call that function once, or does it call it for each node?
Does the widget pass some info to the function (or can it be done) so
that the function knows what node the widget wants children for?  Does
the widget expect a certain type of object list to be returned from
the function?  How would I format the returned object to be displayed
if it's not in the standar Zope Object format?

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> Unfortunately, I've already read over all of that.  It does tell about
> all the features of the widget, but it doesn't seem to give me that
> connection to make this widget useful, aside from listing objects in
> Zope.

I had a quick look at the dtml tree doc (i have never used it, so am just
going on what i read), but it seems that you can specify methods that are
called in order to obtain branch elements and there is an attribute 'expr'
which allows you to provide an 'expression' which provides the value to be
displayed, so it sounds as if you should be able to write your own routines
to pull the info out of your db.


P.S.  pls keep your posts on the list (that way others can help too!)

> Thanks though.
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>> > Is it possible to use the DTML tree widget to build a tree from
>> > non-Zope Object items?
>> >
>> > I'd like to be able to build a tree from information I have stored in
>> > a database, unfortunately, the only information and examples I can
>> > find on the tree widget shows how to make a tree from Zope Objects.
>> >
>> > Does anyone have any experience in this area, or can you point me to
>> > some web site that may be able to help me?
>> This may help:
>> Jonathan
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