Several cache modules changed in apache 2.x, but the apache 1.x directives you 
list have nothing to do with proxying or zope, they are just apache cache 
tuning options. 

If your problem is with proxying and VHM, and the problem is in Apache 
configuration, the directives you need to look at are RewriteRule (with [P] 
flag) or ProxyPass. It really seems unlikely that these are the problem 

If VHM is the problem you should be hitting zope but just not getting the 
right folder/object returned. If not then the problem is likely Apache 
configuration. I'd suggest you start with a clean new default apache config, 
and start moving your configuration changes in a bit at a time, and test 
after each change.

If you can't figure out the source of the problem and are desperate and need 
to get your users up, depending on what else you are doing on the box, you 
could just run zope directly on port 80 (and possibly set up the manual path 
translations in VHM via the Zope management interface if needed).

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