> Huh? Usually you have  no chance to create a Zope object with such an
> So there is no need to rename something that can't exist be definition


The said object, "s5/Begin", is the "Begin" activity of the "s5" process
found in the "GeneralWorkflow" workflow - which is an OpenFlow (
www.openflow.it ) object.

I was able to rename my processes (S5, S100, S200) to their lowercase
counterparts since all I had to do was do :


wf = container.GeneralWorkflow
catalog = wf.Catalog

processes = catalog.ZopeFind(wf, obj_metatypes=['Process'],

for p in processes:
    wf.manage_renameObject(p[0], p[0].lower())  


When I try to rename the activities found in those processes, I try to
do likewise, but the ZopeFind results come out like this :

('S100/Begin', <activity at /dev/danny/wms/GeneralWorkflow/S100/Begin>)
('S100/CHECK_MS_BATCHING', <activity at

To call manage_renameObject (), I have to supply it with the object

If I use result[0], I get the illegal characters in URL error. 

And if I use result[1].id, I get :

        Error Type: AttributeError
        Error Value: Begin

This is probably because there is no "Begin" object under the "wf"
container from which I'm calling manage_renameObject().

So my question is, how do I refer to the "Begin" object found in the
S100 workflow ?


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